Asthma and a Inhaler

Asthma is a chronic disease that occurs when your airways swell, narrow, and produce extra mucus. The swelling increases your airways’ susceptibility to an allergic reaction and makes them extremely sensitive to irritations. The condition makes breathing difficult and triggers wheezing coughing or shortness of breath. Asthma can be a minor nuisance or a major problem that makes physical activities impossible. There is currently no cure to treat asthma, but there are management methods to help control the symptoms so you can lead an active life.

The symptoms of asthma can be different from one person to another. Some people only experience the symptoms at certain times, others have symptoms all the time. The common signs and symptoms of asthma include:

  • Coughing, particularly when laughing, at night, or during exercise
  • Shortness of breath
  • Pain or tightness in the chess
  • A wheezing or whistling sound when breathing
  • Fatigue

Your asthma can