Being diagnosed with cancer, people’s lives change drastically and with the various treatments, and remembering to take daily medications, visiting the doctor, doing paperwork and the stress of their financial situation, it is very tough to live with cancer. Those who fight through cancer, are strong warriors.

Why do we Cancer Fundraise?

There are various types of cancer– breast cancer, leukemia, liver cancer, brain tumors. Fighting against all these cancers requires financial resources. There will be traveling costs to the hospital, medication costs, and fees for the actual treatment. All of this is not cheap and takes a lot of time and money. But do not lose hope; you can get the financial aid via Cancer Fundraising.

Here are 12 ideas to raise money to pay for cancer treatments


  1. Car Wash – Organize а car wash to raise funds for cancer awareness of for a cancer research organization. This is a classic fundraiser because it works!
  2. Walkathons – Walkathons are a great and healthy option for energetic supports and are a perfect way to get people to support your walk usually by contributing a fixed financial amount for each mile or km walked. Producing some merchandise like t-shirts and Cards which can be sold to raise additional money to the entrance costs you would also charge.
  3. Charity Auctions – Charity auctions are a fabulous way to raise money and to interact with Family and Friends and members of the public. Hire an auctioneer, send out invites, and cater for food and drinks. Ask for charity auction items from local businesses. Try to get as many items donated for close to nothing. People will walk away with some unique items and experience, and you can raise more money!
  4. Run a Flower Fundraiser – You can coordinate a flower fundraiser with a florist. You can team up with the florist that can supply you with flowers for you to sell. A portion of the money for the flowers sold goes to the florist so they at least get cost value for the goods and the rest of the proceeds go to the fundraising campaign for cancer treatments
  5. Bingo Night – This is an old and classic fundraising idea, but it works wonders and is a great way to understand the needs of a cancer patient and to help to raise money for their medical treatments.
  6. Crowdfunding – One of the most fun ways to raise funds for an individual is through a local crowdfunding event. You could produce a play or have a race night, and sell drinks and get a local business to advertise in a program.
  7. Internet – An easy way to help raise funds is through a website or blog if the Cancer sufferer is already documenting their treatment journey on a personal web page or blog.
  8. Get Donations – You can request donations from your local business, your friends and family. Be sure to provide an outline as to why you are hosting the benefit, what it is for, and how it can help them, and you will also be mentioning all those who have contributed.
  9. Bake Sale – Another good way to raise funds is to cater to the sweet tooth community and organize a bake sale to raise help funds. Bake sales are a very successful way to fundraise because you can ask your friends and family members to bring baked goods to sell.
  10. Run a Giving Day – Businesses can organize a giving day to raise awareness and understanding of cancer and money for cancer research. Make sure you have plenty of ways for donors to give like online and mobile-friendly donation forms.
  11. Host a Penny Drive – Get creative with your penny drive and let people know why you’re raising money.
  12. Sell Handmade Products – If you enjoy knitting, card making, cooking, you could sell your products door to door or at local shops or online to help raise money.